About Spizcash

Spizcash.com is the Affiliate Program that you've been waiting for. We use NATS affiliate software so we can offer the latest technology and the best designs available anywhere. Our goal is to generate more money for our affiliates than anyone else. We've been developing our solution for over a year and it is now ready for you!

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  • $25 Pay per signup
  • Up to 60% revenue share
  • 5% webmaster referral
  • Exclusive content
  • Unique sites to promote
  • We are conversion specialists
  • Great promo tools
  • Free Hosted Galleries
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  • We target undeveloped niches for great conversions
  • Tons of content available We update videos and pictures weekly on all our sites
  • Our talent includes some of the best Pornstars in the business
  • Our talent hosts weekly webcam shows to boost retention
  • Banners and Galleries with the best designs on the web
  • We can build you any promotional item you need
  • NATS driven - the best Affiliate program in the buisness
  • New Sites coming constantly
  • Weekly blogs
  • In-depth stats reporting
  • Creative templates
  • Twice-monthly payouts on the 1st and 16th of each month with a low $100 dollar minimum payout. Current earnings will roll over to the next period if below $100.
  • A true Partner

Our management team has an established track record of success with over a decade of experience in online and adult businesses. We have experience in all aspects of the adult industry and have used that acquired knowledge to create a truly unique value proposition of our websites and affiliate program.

The recipe to success in this industry is to offer something different than the thousands of competitors online. The market is extremely saturated with adult websites that offer content that all looks the same. We offer unique content from stars of the industry because it is easier to sell to the fans of a star than it is to convince a random person to sign up for a regular adult site. There are thousands of generic porn sites. There is only ONE site where a fan can see the latest content of their favorite star. We focus on the best talent, and we target new, focused fetishes. Our sites are original and high quality. Our focus is on keeping members happy for the long term.

Business success in this industry is the same as any other industry. First, what you are selling must be good or you are wasting your time no matter how much exposure you get. Your marketing and sales material must accurately show the product and make its quality clear to a potential customer. Customers must be retained once acquired in order to succeed in the long term, and there has to be a lot of tools available for promotion in order to avoid too much repetition.