F. A . Q ' S

How much does Spizcash Pay?

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How often will I get paid?

Checks are mailed out promptly monthly, every 1st of each month. We take pride in making sure you get paid in time and in full. No hidden fees or reserves are deducted.

How current are my stats?

You will have access to REAL time stats which means up to the minute details on your sales. Stats shown include sales and rebills per/site per/pay period as well as chargebacks and current payout amounts earned. We also provide detailed unique click stats, click-to-signup ratios, referring URLs as well as uniques referred and resulting sales for each referring URL.

How well do your sites convert?

We take pride in how we retain members and plan on keeping it that way. You have found a program that pays greatly and consistently.

What kind of support do you offer to adult webmasters?

We offer 24 hour, 7 days a week support either by e-mail. Contact our affiliate manager at webmaster@spizcash.com

I forgot my Spizcash password, can you help?

Of course, just simply e-mail us and we will get you your info. You can also reset your password here.

Who owns Spizcash?

SPIZOO LLC. Owns and operates Spizcash.com, Visit our website here.